cocktails 8
kentucky samurai
old forester bourbon/ginger shrub/cucumber/lemon/agave
elderflower white cosmo
wodka vodka/st. germaine/sour/white cranberry juice/brut champagne
wodka vodka/fresh lime/homegrown mint $1 from every purchase goes to building Winter’s Dream at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium
old fashioned
old forester bourbon/bitters/orange/filthy cherry
pearl diver
club caribe raspberry rum/coconut/pineapple juice/cranberry juice
summer breeze
wodka vodka/pomegranate/fresh lemon/simple syrup
cantina margarita
milagro silver tequila/agave nectar/fresh lime juice
muhammed ali
old forester bourbon/honey/lemon/habanero shrub
berries & bubbles
citrus infused vodka/black raspberry liqueur/sour/brut champagne
french 75
new amsterdam gin/lemon/simple syrup/brut champagne
green tea mojito
flor de caña 4yr/green tea/fresh mint/fresh lime/agave
warsaw mule
wodka vodka/cucumber/lime/ginger/mint
orient express
skyy vanilla bean/white crème de cacao/borghetti cafe/fresh espresso
jolly floridian
wodka vodka/soda/brut champagne/orange wedge
perfect snow
kikusui perfect snow sake/lychee/simple syrup

draft beer
cigar city jai alai 6
big storm tropic pressure 6
big storm wavemaker amber ale 6
pair o’ dice 6
tampa bay brewing reef donkey 6
HOB mango heffe 7
3 daughters beach blonde ale 6
stella 6
bud light 4
coppertail free dive ipa 6
elysian space dust ipa 7
sam adams seasonal 6
st. pete orange wheat 6
fat tire 6
leinenkugel summer shandy 5

bottled beer
Budweiser 4
Bud Light 4
Michelob Ultra 4
Miller Light 4
Coors Light 4
Stella Cider 5
New Castle 6
Sierra Neveda 6
Corona 5
Corona Light 5
Yuengling 4
Heineken 5
ichiban 5
kirin light 5
modelo 5
amstel 5
sapporo 5
white claw
mango/lime/black cherry

cold sake
4 oz. bottle
“everlasting roots” yamada junmai
rustic style/smoky nutty aromas/flavors of melon/orange/clove spice
6 900ml 72
“red” hiro junmai floral and delicate/apple and cherry flavors   300ml 33
“sho chiku bai” junmai nigori unfiltered/rich/milky and robust/sweet and bold   300ml 16
junmai ginjo/ginjo
“blue” kikusui junmai ginjo
crisp, clean, and smooth/slightly fruity nose/hints of citrus/persimmons
6 720ml 75
“perfect snow”
kikusui unfiltered/sweet/full bodied/fragrent
  300ml 25
junmai daiginjo/daiginjo
“gold” born junmai daiginjo
notes of melon/peach/chrysanthemum on the palate/beautiful, bright, crisp finish
12 720ml 68
“pearls of simplicity” konteki junmai daiginjo
white flower/asian pear aromas/clean honeydew/lemon/licorice finish
  300ml 33
“otter fest” dassai 50 junmai daiginjo
rich/milky/full of green apples/cherries/pears/mixed melons/kosher
10 720ml 77
“plum sake” nihonshu de tsuketa umeshu
complexity of heirloom sake rice/acidity of plum create unexpected harmony
10 500ml 59

hot sake carafe
“typhoon” tozai seishu banana bread and a hint of spice/medium-dry/round, mellow finish 8